Patrick Moody

Community Inclusion Officer

Susie Asamoah

Community Inclusion Officer

Alexandra “Alex” Charles

Finance Officer

Clinton Sosna



Senator of School of Visual and Performing Arts

Senator of School of Professional Studies

Destiny Samuel

Donovan Shaw

Alexandra “Alex” Charles

Senator of Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences

Senator of Ancell School of Business

Laiba Qureshi

DeAndre “Drey” Carty


  • Monday, February 1st by 3:00pm
    • Election Application Opens
    • Information Page Available on SGA Website
  • Wednesday, April 21st by 11:59pm
    • Election Application Deadline (Executive Candidates must meet with a SGA Advisor prior to submitting application)
  • Thursday, April 22nd by 3:00pm
    • Official List of Candidates Posted
  • Thursday, April 22nd – Friday, April 30th
    • SGA Elections Debate: Exact Date and Time TBD
  • Thursday, April 22nd – Friday, April 30th
    • Campaigning Period
  • Monday, April 26th (3:00pm or earlier) – Saturday, May 1st12:00am
    • Elections: Voting Period
  • Monday, May 3rd – Monday, May 7th
    • Election Results Certified and Announced
  • Postponed/TBD
    • Inaugural Ball
  • Friday, May 7th @ 11:00am
    • Transition Senate

What does being in SGA entail? The position?

Everyone’s experience is not the same due to different interests and committees. Senators have to attend weekly Senate meetings and participate in at least two committees and events. Read SGA contracts for specific expectations for each position.

You will attend Leadership Training and the transition Senate meeting where you will learn about the operations of the SGA and how we serve the students.

Senate and Committees

Senate: Our weekly Senate meeting is where the entire SGA comes together to discuss new issues and initiatives. We report on our committees and update everyone on the next steps. Our meetings are typically two hours long.

Campus Life: Coordinates graduating class activities, reviews functions of student services, and provides support to student clubs and organizations. Outreach to the student body and providing updates on SGA activity.

Finance: Review requests for funding from student groups and clubs. Determines how the Student Activity Fund will be distributed.

Operations and Governance: The accountability branch of the SGA. Reviews SGA performance and maintains SGA archive, Governing Documents, and other SGA documents.

Research: Actively collects information from WCSU departments, clubs, and committees as well as external news, reports, and developments. Provides this information to have an informed SGA. Reviews concerns with the academic experience on campus whether it is major-specific or student-wide such as misadvisement.

Student Philanthropy: Coordinates fundraising efforts for students in need. Meets with the WCSU Cares Committee (WCSU Cares Student Emergency Fund).

Read Full Election Process

Then, Apply Online or Submit to CSI (MTSC 227). Ask for Receipt if Handing in to CSI (Automatic if Online).