The SGA Senator position is one of two member tiers in the SGA. There are currently twenty seats: eight for academic schools and twelve at-large. Senators are the only members with Senate and committee voting power, therefore SGA would not be without its Senators.

Senators of Academic Schools

Ancell School of Business

Senator Emily Kappel

Senator Emily Kappel is double-majoring in Applied & Computational Mathematics – Actuarial Science and Managerial Accounting. She is expected to graduate in the spring of 2025. Senator Kappel is the current chair for the Graduating Class Affairs Committee, the Food Pantry Coordinator, the SGA Representative on the Alumni Board, the School Senator for Ancell, and was the former committee chair for the Philanthropy Committee, which she is still active in. Sen. Kappel enjoys baking in her free time, supplying desserts for different holidays.

Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences

Senator Sam Romano

School of Professional Studies

Senator Kylie Moody

Senator Kylie Moody is a Psychology major and is expected to graduate this December. She is the current chair of the Philanthropy Committee, and is an active member in the Finance Committee. She is the School Senator for the SPS and the Director of Outreach for the Professional Clothing Closet. She is a Libra/Scorpio cusp and a Taurus moon.

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Senator Ian Hendrie

Senator Ian Hendrie is a first-year student and a part of the Class of 2027. He is a Cybersecurity major and the School Senator for the School of Visual and Performing Arts. In SGA, he is involved with the Philanthropy and Elections and Outreach Committees as well as being the Executive Director of the Professional Clothing Closet. Sen. Hendrie’s favorite movie is The Menu.

Senators At-Large

Senator Sarah Fayad

Senator Sarah Fayad is an English major and is graduating in May of 2025. She is involved with the Philanthropy and Student Relations Committees and is the current Director of Facilities for the Professional Clothing Closet. A fun fact about Senator Fayad is that she prefers to eat with “tiny utensils.”

Senator Isabella Montero

Senator Abe Sari

Senator Derrick Tavares

Senator Evan Walker

Senator Evan Walker is a history major graduating at the end of this spring semester. He is an active member of the Philanthropy and Student Relations Committees. They are also a sports journalist, having interviewed high-profile sports professionals including Patrick Mahomes.


The SGA Representative positions were introduced in the Fall of 2017 under the Dos Santos administration. These positions were intended for those who could not satisfy our weekly Senate meeting requirement as well as multiple committees but still wanted to make a difference for the student body.

Representative Dylan Caldwell