The SGA Senator position is one of two member tiers in the SGA. There are currently thirty seats: twelve for academic schools and eighteen at-large. Senators are the only members with Senate and committee voting power, therefore SGA would not be without its Senators.

Senators of Academic Schools

Ancell School of Business

  • Becky Men
  • Isaiah Tamdji

Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences

  • Hamza “Baki” Ghannaj 

School of Professional Studies

  • Karla Matos

School of Visual and Performing Arts

  • Open Position

Senators At-Large

Alexander Avila

Hillary Adjei 

Justin Farinango

Aakanksha Koppisetti 

Hannah Kwarteng

Muhammad Rafique

Adam Tobierre


The SGA Representative positions were introduced in the Fall of 2017 under the Dos Santos administration. These positions were intended for those who could not satisfy our weekly Senate meeting requirement as well as multiple committees but still wanted to make a difference for the student body.

Representatives At-Large

Abdullah Abrar

Leah Chin

Christopher Cromwell

Darline Fleurimond

Emily Kappel

Orin Mhando

Kylie Moody

Hannah Murphy

Nicholas Peschier

Nicholas Varbaro