Meet Becky Men

Becky Men is a Junior majoring in Finance and Accounting. She works as an Ancell Peer Tutor at the WCSU Ancell School of Business. She is President of the Asian Student Union, a club that she started with the help of the Student Government Association. In her free time, she enjoys watching Korean dramas, reading, and painting. She joined SGA in December 2021 with the goal to be a student advocate and boost campus involvement.

Becky joined SGA as a School Senator for Ancell School of Business in December 2021. Since then, she has been involved with Finance, Elections and Outreach, and Intersession committees. By learning and growing within the organization and holding committee chair positions, such as the Chair of Elections and Outreach, she ran for Executive Board. In May 2023, she was elected as the Director of Finance for the SGA and serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee. She currently works in her position as the one of the more outward facing executives, meeting with over 50 club leaders weekly for club funding.