Sorreea Gagnebin

Sorreea is a sophomore majoring in Managerial Accounting. She works as a Club and Organization Assistant at the Center for Student Involvement, assisting Clubs and Organizations and providing excellent customer service. She is a member of the Accounting Society and part of the Kathwari Honors Program. She also works as a Certified Nursing Assistant where she fulfills her desire to help others feel safe and comfortable. Her hobbies include hiking, painting, picnicking, and photography. She joined SGA in Fall 2021 and hopes to increase campus involvement, and help students reach their potential.

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Sorreea joined the SGA in the Fall of 2021. She has served on several committees, including Finance, Campus Life, Student Philanthropy, Graduating Class Affairs, Intersession, and Elections. She was the Elections Coordinator for the Spring 2022 semester. She was appointed as the Graduating Class Affairs Chair for the Fall 2022 Semester, but shortly after, was appointed as the Vice President of Internal Affairs for the 2022-2023 academic year and chairs the Strategic Planning Committee.