Meet the Advisors

From the Bylaws (Article VIII)

Section 1 – The SGA Advisor(s) will be the non-undergraduate informant in the WCSU commun

ity of the Student Government Association regarding university policies and regulations. The SGA Senate must appoint an advisor by a two-thirds (2/3) vote. A two-thirds (2/3) vote by the Senate must be received to remove that person from the position of advisor.

Section 2 SGA Graduate Interns are yearly paid advisors that are graduate students at WCSU. They are paid an amount determined by the Board of Regents and fall under the jurisdiction of advisor in the SGA. For specifics, refer to the Graduate Intern Contract.

Section 3 – SGA Advisor(s) have no power to vote in any meetings or appoint/remove members. Advisor(s) are responsible for ethically guiding SGA members and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all members.

  1. Advisor(s) provide the SGA with information on university policies, state and federal laws, and general information about university and community affairs.
  2. Advisor(s) must attend Senate and Executive Board meetings and provide advice and feedback to SGA members when needed or requested to do so and maintain regular communication with them.
  3. Advisor(s) must assist with periodically checking enrollment status, academic performance, and disciplinary status of all SGA members to ensure that each member is eligible to be a member of Senate before the election and appointment of SGA members.