Meet Ezaan Khan

Ezaan Khan is a Senior majoring in Biology on the Pre-Med track with minors in Chemistry and Mathematics. His interests in the sciences and medicine aid in his aspiration to obtain his MD and become a surgeon. He currently works as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the town of Brookfield and Nuvance Health. He spends his free time in his niche hobby of watch repair along with teaching children at his local mosque.

Ezaan started out in the position of Representative for the SGA in the Fall of 2021 until he was appointed to the position of Parliamentarian soon after. From working on Senator Contracts to the Constitution, he and the former Operations and Governance committee were working away on reforming and managing the Governing Documents of the SGA. Upon the creation of the position of Chief Justice and the Judicial Branch in the Spring of 2023, he began focusing on judicial matters within the SGA by conducting judicial hearings to address HR and finance-related complaints from SGA members and club leaders along with managing judicial documents such as Letters of Grievance and Motion Sheets.