Committee Chair: Aakanksha Koppisetti, Elections Coordinator


The Elections Committee is responsible for coordinating a smooth and fair Elections Process for all members of the SGA, new and old. Some of the major responsibilities within this committee are keeping the “Elections Process” Packet up to date per semester, doing outreach to students, reviewing list of applications, creating candidate lists, social media posts, and ensuring voting platforms are ready. This committee is open to Senators and Representatives of the SGA.

From the Bylaws (Article IV, Section 3)

The Elections Committee:

  1. The Committee Chair(s) of the Elections Committee shall be a Senator appointed and confirmed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the Senate. The members and Committee Chair must resign if person(s) is campaigning for a contested executive board position and the Senate shall elect a new Committee Chair during next Senate.

  2. The membership of the Elections Committee shall consist of an open number of Senators.

  3. The voting membership shall consist of all members of the committee, excluding the Committee Chair, unless in the event of a tie.

  4. The Elections Committee shall create the Elections Packet and coordinate the elections during the Fall and Spring

  5. The Elections Committee shall coordinate the Executive Board Debate during the Spring Semester.

  6. The Elections Committee will coordinate and execute the annual SGA Inaugural Ball and contribute to breakfast/brunch fundraiser.

  7. Quorum shall be counted amongst all voting.

  8. The Elections Committee will manage the confirmation of election results. Candidates can reject their position following elections, if this occurs the position will require appointment by the president followed by Senate approval.