Committee Chair: Sorreea Gagnebin

From the Bylaws (Article IX, Section 2)

The Elections Committee:

1. The Chairperson of the Elections Committee shall be a Senator. The Chairperson must resign if he/she is campaigning for a contested executive board position and the Senate shall elect a new Chairperson during the next regularly scheduled SGA meeting.

2. The membership of the Elections Committee shall consist of an open number of Senators and the Parliamentarian.

3. The voting membership shall consist of all members of the committee, excluding the Chairperson, unless in the event of a tie. The Parliamentarian shall not have a vote.

4. The Elections Committee shall create the Elections Packet and coordinate the elections during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

5. The Elections Committee shall coordinate the Executive Board Debate during the Spring Semester.

6. Quorum shall be counted amongst all voting members.

Official List of Candidates:


Michael Azzi

Vice President:

Donovan Shaw

Community Inclusion Officer:

Derrick Tavares

Finance Officer:

Destiny Samuel


Ezaan Khan


Karla Matos, Vince Diesta


Isaiah Tamdji, Alivia Stonier


Emily Dasilva

Spring 2022 SGA Election Process PDF (Click Here)