I live my life by the motto purpose fuels passion. When you fuel up with purpose you find the excitement in the mundane, the passion in the everyday, and the extraordinary in the ordinary. In my time here, the WCSU community is what I’ve been passionate about.

Paul Horkan, SGA President 2019-2020

Paul Horkan

Paul joined SGA in October 2017 as a senator. He served on the Rules, Student Relations, Strategic Planning, Student Philanthropy, and University Senate Student Life committee. In the Fall of 2018, his passion and drive would be channeled on the executive level as he was appointed Vice President of Student Relations. During his term, he coordinated the first Block Party which would later become a tradition at WCSU. He was elected President in the Spring semester of 2019.

Former VPSR Horkan (Middle Right) participating in Western Day of Service (WDOS) | Fall 2018