Despite the hardships that the past two years has given us, I promise to work to the full extent of my abilities to ensure student representation is upheld to the standards that the student body deserves. Student run organizations and there leaders are what make this school and the memories that follow it, so it is imperative to me that they are supported through the challenges that may come their way. Thank you, WCSU, for electing me.

Patrick Moody, SGA President | 2021-2022

Patrick Moody

Patrick is a Junior marketing major at WCSU. He is part of the Kathwari Honors Program. He started his journey at Westconn in the fall of 2019 as a management major. Patrick is a commuter from Bethlehem, Connecticut where he lived most of his life. He was President of his Senior Class in Highschool. Outside of academia, Patrick likes to hike, go to concerts, sail, travel, and go on adventures.

“I am very excited to serve the WCSU student body to the best of my ability. I am hoping to restore the on-campus presence student organizations had on-campus, pre-covid, while also maintaining student representation within SGA and other, larger governing bodies”

Patrick has been a part of SGA since the Fall of 2020. He was elected as a senator and served on many different SGA committees. He has also served on the SLRB committee as a senator. He was elected SGA President for the 2021-2022 academic year, where he serves on multiple university committees and orchestrates all SGA business. He is also the WCSU representative for the Student Advisory Committee for the Connecticut Board of Regents.