The Users section is where a user can view their profile and manage who has site access. 

See the WordPress support page for more info.

Users can have one of five roles:

  • Administrator (highest level):
    • Same permissions as all other roles.
    • Also has access to users, plugins, themes, and files. 
  • Editor:
    • Same permissions as Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.
    • Also has access to all pages and posts functionality.
  • Author:
    • Same permissions as Contributor and Subscriber.
    • Can also edit and delete published posts, and upload files.
  • Contributor: 
    • Same permissions as Subscirber.
    • Can also edit and delete non-published posts.
  • Subscriber (lowest level)
    • Only has read access to the site.
    • Can manage their own profile as well.

Your Profile:

Here a user can change their profile information such as:

  • Username
  • Profile Picture
  • Email associated with the account
  • Password

All Users:

A list of all users who have access to the site. Each user’s username, email, and role are displayed. Here you can change a user’s role or delete a user. 

Add New User:

Here a user can choose to grant site access to an existing user (a user who has access to another site already) or a brand new user. Please note users who exist on the main site network ( might not exist on the personal site network (

If they are a brand new user and a confirmation email IS sent, they will not appear on the All Users list until they have interacted with the confirmation email.