The Editor in WordPress is what users will use to add the main content onto Pages and Posts.

Depending on which plugins are activated, a site will have access to one or more of three available editors. Each editor has its own strengths and weaknesses as well as learning curve. For more in depth info on each editor, please see their corresponding page. 

The Classic Editor

  • The most basic of the three
  • Used to be the default WordPress editor. In newer versions of WordPress, a plugin must be installed to use it. 
  • Similar to text editors such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs

The Gutenberg / Block Editor

  • The default editor in newer versions of WordPress
  • Content layout is organized in blocks stacked on top of each other
  • Allows for more variety of content than the Classic editor, but can be difficult to learn.

The Page Builder Editor

  • A plugin is needed to use this editor
  • Content layout is organized in rows and columns
  • Allows for the most variety of content compared to the others, but can be difficult to learn.