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\(\mathcal{B}\)-coordinates, Definition
affine map, Investigation
augmented matrix, Investigation
standard basis, Paragraph
coefficient matrix, Investigation
column space, Paragraph
conjugate, Paragraph Definition
consistent, Example
coordinate system, Definition
cross product, Paragraph
determinant, Section Investigation
diagonal matrix, Definition
diagonalizable, Definition
dimension, Definition
dot product, Paragraph
eigenvalue, Definition
eigenvector, Definition
elementary vectors, Paragraph Subsection
elimination and back substitution, Investigation
free variable, Example
function, Definition
Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization, Investigation
homogeneous, Example
homomorphism, Section Definition
image, Paragraph
inconsistent, Example
inverse matrix, Definition
isomorphism, Section Definition
kernel, Definition
left inverse, Definition
linear combination, Paragraph
linear independence, Section
linear map, Definition
linear system, Section
linearly dependent, Definition
linearly independent, Definition
matrix equation, Paragraph Paragraph
non-homogeneous, Example
null space, Paragraph Theorem
one-to-one, Definition
onto, Definition
orthogonal basis, Definition
orthonormal basis, Definition
overdetermined, Example
reduced row echelon form, Example
right inverse, Definition
row echelon form, Example
row space, Paragraph Theorem
scalar, Paragraph
similar, Paragraph
similar matrices, Definition
similar matrix, Definition
standard basis, Paragraph
system of equations, Investigation
underdetermined, Example
unit vector, Paragraph
vector, Definition
elementary vectors, Paragraph
unit vector, Paragraph
vector equation, Paragraph
vector equation, Paragraph
vector space, Section Definition
subspace, Paragraph
vectors, Section
zero divisor, Exercise