Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Issues Or Concerns?

Dennis Leszko is the advisor for the Greek Council and oversees all of the fraternities and sororities. Kourtney McKinney is the advisor for the NPC and IFC councils which oversee the fraternities and sororities.  If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact them. You can reach Dennis at leszkod@wcsu.edu and Caitie at Barryc@wcsu.edu.

Is There Greek Housing On Campus?

No, currently there is no Greek housing available at WCSU.

How Do I Decide If I Want To attend Recruitment?

Clubs Carnival is a great way to initially meet all the Greek organizations. It is sponsored by the SGA and features all campus clubs and organizations. There are usually giveaways, prizes, food, and games. While this is not an official part of the Recruitment Period, you can meet the Greek organizations and find information and schedules pertaining to the upcoming Recruitment period.

What Happens After the Recruitment Period?

At the end of this period (usually a 1-2 week period), the organizations will extend bids to begin their new member process.  A bid is the official invitation from the organization to move forward and begin joining their organization.  Be sure to ask each organization about their unique process to educate their new members.

How Do I Know If Fraternity and Sorority Life Is For Me?

Please take your time and be sure to explore all of your opportunities, and do as much research as possible so you can make an informed decision. You are not under any commitment or obligation to any organization until you accept a bid from that organization.  So please utilize the Recruitment Period to find out all that you can about the organizations at WCSU.  Becoming a member of a Greek letter organization is a lifelong commitment which will continue to play a large role in your everyday life both now and in your future.