Dr. Helena Prieto studied Chemistry in her hometown in Cali, Colombia. She moved to San Diego during a semester long strike at her university at the end of her undergraduate degree and volunteered in the laboratory of Elizabeth Komives at University of California, with whom she ended up carrying out her doctoral Research using NMR to study cysteine-rich proteins. Her postdoctoral research allowed her to use proteomics techniques at The Scripps Research Institute at the Yates laboratory to look at the malaria parasite in close collaboration with Katja Becker at Giessen University in Germany. She had the fortune to come originally to Connecticut to work in a pharmaceutical company and fell in love with the area. As she has pursued an academic career, she has found the atmosphere at WestConn to be ideal and is hoping to combine her passion for teaching with her interest in the study of biochemical pathways of the malaria parasite.

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