WCSU Fungus Lab

Research Topics

  • White-nose Syndrome
  • Salt tolerant soil fungi
  • Fungal gene duplication
  • Genomics of human & horse pathogen Histoplasma

I am broadly interested in microbiology & the effect of our environment on fungal communities and fungal pathogen evolution. Students in my lab have worked on topics relating to their interests in human and animal fungal pathogens, using a combination of fieldwork, wet labwork, and computer-based projects. We have studied microbes affecting bat, human, horse, and poultry health.

If you are a student in the WCSU M.S. in Integrated Biodiversity, talk to me about possible stewardship projects. Possible topics include sampling environments for White-nose Syndrome, surveying fungi in our local nature preserves, and culturing fungi from roadside soils.