“I am thrilled for the opportunity to serve the student body of WestConn and to continue the great work being done by the SGA. I hope to foster a vibrant campus life and equip students with the tools they need to succeed.”

Donovan Shaw, Vice President Spring 2022

Donovan Shaw

Donovan Shaw is a theater major at WCSU. He is very active on campus as he is part of many different student organizations such as an executive board member of both Center Stage and the SGA. He started WCSU in the midst of the virtual world in the Fall of 2020. Eager to participate, Donovan became extremely active on-campus despite the challenges that the COVID world threw everyone’s way. 

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Donovan was elected to the Senator position in the Spring of 2021. He took up the challenge as 1 of only 2 senators to go into the Fall 2021 semester. Donovan worked with Senator Destiny Samuel on initiatives that lead to change within the theater department, taking charge in creating conversations and raising concerns that were heard on a system level. Taking on the role as Philanthropy Chair, Donovan has put on events and collected data to better serve the student body and provide basic necessities to those who need it. Donovan was appointed to the VP of the Student Government Association in the Spring of 2022, where he continues his efforts through the Philanthropy Committee and takes on the SGA Westside Expansion Project.