The SGA Representative positions were introduced in Fall 2017 under the Dos Santos administration. These positions were intended for those who could not satisfy our weekly Senate meeting requirement as well as multiple committees.

Representatives At-Large

  • Claire Eastwood
  • Charlie Wimer
  • Isaiah Tamdji
  • Alivia Stonier
  • Nick Peschier

From the Contract

In order to be considered for a full stipend, each Representative must do the following: 




$100 per semester

Attend Training 




SGA Committee(s) 

Outreach Goals 


Office Hours 

Event Hours 

Reports to Senate monthly 


Complete assigned tasks by executives and chairs within two weeks of being assigned 


Respond to messages/emails within three business days 



  • Attend all SGA and University committee meetings of which they are a member. 
  • If a Representative two (2) unexcused absences from SGA committee meetings, or three (3) excused absences from SGA Senate or committee meetings, the Senator will be called to a hearing by the Operation and Governance Committee, within one (1) week of the most recent violation. 
  • At the discretion of the Parliamentarian, the Representative will be placed under a thirty (30) day Developmental Period.    
  • Representatives are mandated to attend and work two (2) hour at a SGA-hosted event.  
  • Examples of SGA-hosted events include but are not limited to Clubs Carnival, Homecoming, Town Halls, Virtual Events etc. 
  • Attending all SGA hosted events, and other on-campus events is strongly encouraged.  
  • Any additional SGA hosted events Representatives attend will count toward office hours at the discretion of the Vice President. 

Absences/Tardiness/Early Departure: 


  • All absences, late arrivals, and early departures by an SGA member who have sent an email about an urgent matter to the Vice President within 12 hours prior and or 24 hours after the meeting.  
  • In practice: If a member needs to miss a meeting due to an urgent matter, said member should make the Vice President aware 12 hours prior to meeting or 24 hours after the meeting. 
  • All SGA members will be considered late fifteen (15) minutes after the start of the commitment.  
  • All members are required to remain until the end of the meeting, unless extended past the scheduled time. If an SGA Senate/Committee meeting exceeds this time and a Senator needs to leave, they can do so without repercussions. 


  • Maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA. 
  • A student who does not meet this requirement or falls under the GPA requirement may continue their duties as a member for a one semester grace period to raise their GPA. 

Stipend Calculation and Disbursement: 

Equation for SGA Senator and Representative Stipend

 = Stipend Amount16× Weeks Served = Stipend Amount16× Weeks Served





Major Offense (Disruption to the efficiency of the Senate Process) 



Minor Offense  



Offense is up to the discretion of the Judicial Board and/or Vice President  

Disbursement will occur at the end of the semester. If a member resigns from SGA, the amount of their stipend will be calculated by the following equation: Final adjusted stipend amount divided by 16 (weeks in a semester) multiplied by the weeks completed. For example, if a Senator resigns after serving eleven (11) weeks without any deductions (i.e., missed meetings, committee meetings, etc.) the equation would be:  

Stipend Amount16× 11=Stipend Amount16× 11=

Amount of stipend after their resignation. 

If a Senator is sworn in as Vice President after, the number of weeks would change from sixteen (16) to eleven (11) as Senator. The remaining five (5) weeks would be classified as Vice President. 

If one fails to meet the requirements of the position or fails to consistently fulfill other responsibilities of their position, the Vice President or the Operations and Governance committee may choose to deduct from their stipend or bring up charges to remove the individual from their position (impeach). 

SGA Review Process: 

The SGA Operations and Governance Committee will be composed of the Parliamentarian and up to six (6) Senators. This committee will be in charge of handling any discrepancies or disputes that occur regarding position contractual obligations. 

  • Appeal hearings will be held with the SGA Operations and Governance Committee. 
  • After the hearing is complete, the SGA Operations and Governance Committee will make the decision on whether to dismiss the issue or to pursue charges and resolution. 

Developmental Period: 

  • Circumstances when a developmental period will be necessary for a Senator/Representative, have been laid out under the “Senator Requirements” or “Representative” section of this contract. 
  • Developmental Period Senators can not be a part of the Judicial Board, any Senators on the Operations and Governance Committee that have been put under a Developmental Period can attend the Operations and Governance meetings but can not serve as justices for hearings.  
  • A Developmental Period will last thirty (30) days. 
  • If a Senator/Representative violates another section of their contract while they are still completing their thirty (30) day Developmental Period, the individual will be called to another hearing by the SGA Operations and Governance Committee within one (1) week of the violation. At this hearing, the SGA Operations and Governance Committee will determine whether to extend the Developmental Period. 
  • If a Senator or Representative exceeds two (2) Developmental Periods per semester, they can be brought up on more serious charges at the discretion of the SGA Operations and Governance Committee. If charges are brought up, SGA Operations and Governance Committee is mandated to bring charges to the Judicial Board for due process.