The SGA Representative positions were introduced in Fall 2017 under the Dos Santos administration. These positions were intended for those who could not satisfy our weekly Senate meeting requirement as well as multiple committees. Since introduction, we have had four SGA Representatives.

Representatives At-Large

  • Xyannie De La Rosa

From the Bylaws…

Section 2- All Representatives shall be required to uphold the following duties of their office at all times during their term in office, unless excused by the Vice President of Internal Affairs.

1. Must be appointed to office each semester, terms are only one (1) semester in length.

2. Must hold a minimum of two (2) office hours per week during their appointed term, which may to be scheduled with the Vice President of Internal Affairs at the start of the term.

3. Required to serve on and actively participate and contribute to one (1) committee including any combination of open SGA Committees and University Committees.

4. Maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA (this stipulation may not be waived by the VPIA).

5. Required to help set up/breakdown/execute two (2) SGA-sponsored events.

6. Must attend mandatory training sessions during their appointed term.

7. Must sign a contract to fulfill the aforementioned and any other responsibilities and duties pertaining to his/her position in order to be eligible to receive a stipend, which is to be voted on and approved each semester.