Ezaan is a sophomore majoring in Biology on the professional option or Pre-Med track. He is also minoring in Chemistry and Math and does research with Dr. Wong and Dr. Corderia. He enjoys exploring the inner workings of nature and finding an explanation to the how the world works based on a scientific point of view. He hobbies in watch making/repairing and reading books when he gets the time. He also has a great interest in human anatomy and physiology and hopes to have a future career as a surgical physician in the future. He currently volunteers as an EMT in the Brookfield Fire House and is always out there ready to help people, whether it’s saving lives or making a difference in the SGA.

Meet Ezaan Khan

Initially, Ezaan started out as a representative for the SGA in the Fall of 2021 and was appointed as the parliamentarian soon after. He was trained on the 2021 retreat and used his training to begin making changes right away to the SGA. From working on Executive contracts to the Constitution of the SGA, he and his Operations and Governance committee (Judicial Board) are working away on reforming and managing the Governing Documents and other university contracts. He is also a member of the CUCAS committee which deal with the discontinuation of programs at WCSU.