July 3, 2018

Meet our Street Team Member of the Month


Our Street Team Member of the Month for March is Molly! Congratulations!

Check out what Molly has to say:

Molly is a sophomore majoring in Anthropology/Sociology. She joined in the Spring of 2018! Happy PAC Anniversary! Molly currently sits on the Travel & Novelty Committee and the Recruitment & Retention Committee. What Molly likes most about PAC is, “I’ve been able to meet so many different people and make new friendships. Being a part of PAC has also gotten me engaged with events on campus! It’s a wonderful way for commuter students to get involved on campus”.

Molly, thank you for being such a vital and supporting member of our team. We couldn’t through so many amazing events without you.



Our Street Team Member of the Month for February is Mariana! Congratulations!

Check out what Mariana has to say:

Mariana is a junior majoring in Social Work. She joined her freshman year after talking with the then President and Secretary. As soon as she joined, she fell in love with the dynamic and has come back ever since. Mariana currently sits on the Public Relations committee, but contributes to the Travel & Novelty committee, Gameshows & Competition committee, and the Entertainment committee. Her favorite thing about PAC is getting a second family while putting on events for the WCSU students. Being in PAC has given her the opportunity to go to 1 NACA regionals, 2 NACA nationals, and previously holding the position of Office Manager.


Mariana, thank you for your continuous dedication and commitment to PAC!


Our Street Team Member of the Month for October is KC! Congratulations!

Check out what KC has to say about his experience in PAC thus far!

KC is a sophomore majoring in Accounting. KC joined PAC last year and we are glad to have him returning with us this year. When asked why he joined PAC he told us that the then Vice President, Eden, and PR Chair, Bri, introduced him to PAC. After that first encouragement the rest was history. When asked why he likes PAC he said, “I mostly like PAC because of the people and the type of environment that is created . In this club your opinion really does matter because these events are created for the students by the students.  I have made a great group of friends from members of the E-board to the general members”. 

KC, it’s been a pleasure seeing you come up as a rising leader in the organization. We know that you will continue to grow and help create awesome events! Congratulations and thank you for your hard work.


Our Street Team Member of the Month for September is Jackson! Congratulations!

A little bit about Jackson:

Jackson is a sophomore majoring in business and joined PAC as a freshman. Jackson joined PAC to be involved on campus and it allowed him to stay connected with his friends at school. His favorite part about being in PAC? All the friends he’s made as well as being a part of the behind the scenes work of planning and executing events!

Jackson, the PAC team is so proud of you. You’ve truly shown your dedication to all 5 committees you are a part of. Keep up the good work!