About Me

Neeta Pardanani Connally, Associate Professor

Ph.D. Environmental Science (medical entomology), University of Rhode Island

M.S.P.H. Public Health (parasitology), Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

B.S. Animal Biology, Louisiana Tech University

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My teaching involves both biology majors and non-majors. In addition to classroom teaching, many students learn about the ecology, epidemiology, and prevention of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases via internships in my research lab.

Before joining the WCSU Biology faculty in 2011, I was an associate research scientist at Yale School of Public Health.   My position at WCSU allows me to help students learn about many aspects of biology, not only in the classroom but via hands-on research activities in the laboratory and field.

Contact Info:

Office:  Science Building 139             Laboratory:  Science Building 140

Office Phone: 203.837.8749             Lab Phone:  203.837.8704

Email: connallyn@wcsu.edu            Twitter:  @ticklab

Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences

181 White Street

Danbury, CT 06810